Misoprostol alone resource hub

Medication abortion with misoprostol alone is one of two safe, highly effective, WHO-recommended regimens for medication abortion. Our SAFE Study and other findings support a renewed look at misoprostol alone regimens for medication abortion, no longer as a second-tier method, but one that offers similar effectiveness, and often greater accessibility, than the mifepristone + misoprostol regimen.  


Ibis research shows that misoprostol alone is highly effective, and more effective than previously thought.

According to data from our SAFE Study, 93.8% of those who used the mifepristone + misoprostol regimen had a complete abortion without surgical intervention, while 98.8% of those who used the misoprostol-alone regimen had a complete abortion without surgical intervention. Findings from the first study on self-managed abortion with misoprostol alone in the United States reflect this data, with 88% overall effectiveness and 97.8% effectiveness among known outcomes.

Additionally, misoprostol alone is less costly, carries fewer restrictions for use, and can be offered by a wider cadre of providers.