Angélica Campos

Research Coordinator
Oakland, California

Angélica joined Ibis as a Research Assistant in February 2021. In this role, she supports a number of quantitative and qualitative projects focused on expanding access to abortion and abortion support in both the medical and non-medical settings, as well as assessing barriers to the provision of reproductive health care worldwide. Prior to Ibis, Angélica lived in Santiago, Chile and Córdoba, Argentina and worked with the Fundación Popular en Salud: EPES and the Ministerio de Salud de la Nación on projects synthesizing robust solutions to gender-based violence and femicide, obstetric violence, and mortality rates resulting from restrictive abortion legislations. Her research interests are at the intersection of reproductive justice, migration, and social movements in Latin America and the United States. Angélica’s work in these areas was selected for publishing in the Virginia Journal of Gender Studies. Angélica holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology and Spanish from Claremont McKenna College.