Faustina Fynn-Nyame

Member at Large

Faustina is the Director of the Women’s Health Project, a USD $100-million project implemented in 15 countries with a focus on family planning and safe abortion. Prior to her current position at PSI, Faustina was the Country Director of Marie Stopes Kenya and founder of Marie Stopes Ghana and served as the Senior Advisor for West Africa. Faustina has also served as a Trustee on the MSI Global Board. Faustina is an active advocate and a champion for the rights of women and girls. Faustina’s work with civil society organizations in Africa has led to policy change to improve the lives of women and girls. Faustina serves on the FP2020 Rights and Empowerment Working Group and leads the Country Engagement Work Stream. She is also on the Advisory Board for the Maternal Health Channel and African Network for Medical Abortion.

Faustina began her career in public health care at St. Georges Hospital in the United Kingdom and moved on to manage a dedicated group of scientists, nurses, and administrators at the prestigious London Women’s Clinic, Harley Street where her passion and understanding of the benefits of private health care were born. Born in Ghana, Faustina’s family migrated to the UK at the age of seven years, where she was educated and raised. Faustina attended Middlesex University (1995-1999) where she earned a Bachelor of Sciences (Hons.) degree in nursing.