Margot Cohen

Senior Executive and Research Coordinator
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Margot joined Ibis as an Executive/Research Assistant in January of 2020. In this dual role, she provides support to the President and contributes to a variety of qualitative and quantitative projects focused on expanding access to safe abortion and reproductive health care worldwide. Prior to joining Ibis, Margot completed a Fulbright Research Fellowship in Ecuador, during which she designed and implemented a mixed-methods study on gender-based violence in collaboration with women’s shelters throughout the country. Margot also volunteered as a sexual health and reproductive rights educator in the Providence, RI public school system through Planned Parenthood of Southern New England’s Sexual Health Advocacy through Peer Education (SHAPE) program. Margot began conducting research on violence against women as an undergraduate student, and completed her honors thesis on femicide in Chile, which she presented at the New England Political Science Association Conference in 2018. Margot holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Brown University.

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