MaryLou McFarland, MEd

Finance Manager
Cambridge, Massachusetts

MaryLou has worked in administration in both the non-profit and corporate arenas for over 30 years. She joined Ibis in 2015 as its Bookkeeper.  MaryLou began her career teaching disenfranchised teens in public and alternative schools.  With a focus on the educational and emotional needs of inner-city youth, MaryLou went on to become the Assistant Executive Director of DYC, a multi program, urban youth agency.  Her next venture was to found a successful administrative consultancy, working with agencies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs to advance the successful operation of each enterprise.  She has returned to non-profit because of her passion for the Ibis mission, its impressive biography, and the policies it aims to influence worldwide. MaryLou holds both an M.Ed in Language Arts and a B.A. in English Literature.

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