2008-2010 Charlotte Ellertson Social Science Postdoctoral Fellows announced!

March 2008

March 15, 2008 – We are pleased to announce the 2008-2010 Charlotte Ellertson Social Science Postdoctoral Fellows in Abortion and Reproductive Health. Ellertson Fellows participate in a two-year postdoctoral research and leadership training fellowship. We selected five fellows for the third cohort of the Ellertson Fellowship, one at each of the five fellowship sites:

  • Danielle Bessett, PhD expected May 2008 in Sociology from New York University, based at Ibis Reproductive Health
  • Silvia De Zordo, PhD expected May 2008 in Social Anthropology from Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, based at Columbia University
  • Megan Kavanaugh, DrPH expected August 2008 in Behavioral and Community Health Sciences from University of Pittsburg, based at the Guttmacher Institute
  • Alison Norris, MD, PhD 2006 in Epidemiology and Public Health from Yale University, based at Johns Hopkins University
  • Julia Steinberg, PhD expected May 2008 in Psychology from Arizona State University, based at the University of California, San Francisco

The objectives of the fellowship are to support a multidisciplinary cohort of promising new social science researchers who study abortion and reproductive health, and to produce and share research that informs policy and program design. Fellows are committed to research on abortion and careers that include a focus on scholarship and advocacy. To read the full announcement of the 2008-2010 Fellows, click here.