In addition to the work in our regions of focus, Ibis has led projects in other regions, such as the Middle East and North Africa and Thailand-Burma border regions. These projects have allowed us to develop our partnerships with new advocates and stakeholders who will use our research to improve policies and delivery of services in areas beyond our focus regions.

Middle East and North Africa
The sexual and reproductive health needs of women in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) receive little attention, and many women lack medically accurate knowledge about contraception, abortion, sexuality, and how to protect oneself from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. From 2002-2011, Ibis’s MENA program of work aimed to improve comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and women’s and girls’ autonomy throughout the MENA region. The work was geared toward expanding knowledge of and access to a wide array of sexual and reproductive health issues and services, especially among women whose needs are often ignored, such as young women, unmarried women, and refugee women. We continue to partner with researchers and other stakeholders to share and leverage Ibis’s MENA research and related resources.

Comprehensive SRH info & services

Ibis seeks to transform access to abortion and contraception by working with service delivery and advocacy partners to identify, evaluate, and disseminate rigorous evidence about the impact of bold service delivery and technology innovations on access, quality, and affordability of abortion and contraception care. We aim to make abortion and contraception information and care easier to access, and look for ways for people to more directly access the information, products, and services they need.