Celebrating the first-ever Free the Pill Day

May 2019

On May 9, 1960, the US Food and Drug Administration first approved the birth control pill, which helped give people the freedom to determine their own life path. Nearly 60 years later, it’s past time to make the pill truly accessible. The pill is safe and effective, but one in three women who have tried to get prescription birth control have faced obstacles. We need contraceptive options that better meet ALL of our needs. That includes a birth control pill that’s available over the counter (OTC), covered by insurance, and affordable and accessible to people of all ages.

Today, as part of the first-ever Free the Pill Day, we are calling attention to the barriers too many people still face in accessing the birth control pill and demonstrating the widespread support for bringing the pill over the counter in the United States.

People know what’s best for themselves, their bodies, and their futures. Everyone should have full control over their sexual and reproductive lives, and birth control is critical to making that happen.

“Freedom to access, freedom to control, freedom to thrive. That’s the future we’re fighting for.”



Join us in this digital day of action by using the #FreeThePill hashtag to make some noise in support of an OTC pill. Visit our project page to learn more about our efforts to bring a birth control pill OTC in the United States.