Ibis honored in Maryland for contribution to Maryland's Contraceptive Equity Act

October 2016

In October 2016 we were honored to have been included as one of many groups recognized by NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland for our contribution to the passage of Maryland's Contraceptive Equity Act, signed into law in May 2016. This law will provide the most comprehensive contraceptive coverage in the United States, and has important implications for a future over-the-counter (OTC) birth control pill. One of the law's provisions mandates that insurers cover OTC contraceptive medications, including emergency contraception, without requiring a prescription. By ensuring that OTC birth control medications are covered right off the shelf with no prescription needed, the Maryland bill fills a gap in the Affordable Care Act, which currently allows insurers to require a prescription for coverage of OTC birth control for women. Under the Maryland law, women will be able to avoid the unnecessary and costly burdens of visiting a clinician for a prescription and can fully benefit from OTC access.

Ibis, along with Public Policy Partners, Planned Parenthood of Maryland, NHeLP, Delegate Ariana Kelly, and Kate Parke (previously with NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland) received NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland's 2016 Choice Advocate Award at their annual Evening of Chocolate Gala. We were honored to have been included with these groups for our contribution to the passage of this bill through our research and technical expertise on OTC contraception coverage. Thanks again to NARAL and the many organizations and advocates for their work on the Contraceptive Equity Act.