Ibis ranked in Philanthropedia’s Top 25 National Reproductive Health, Rights, & Justice Nonprofits

October 2013

October 2, 2013 – Philanthropedia has identified Ibis as a top nonprofit working in the field of reproductive health, rights, and justice based on a survey of 134 experts currently working in the field. Some of the expert reviews about our impact were: 

  • Ibis does research that no one else is doing and does it well. Its work on reproductivehealth for women in the military, over the counter therapies, and other topics fill gaps that other organizations have not.
  • The organization seems to produce an extraordinary amount of work for its size. I appreciate that the organization performs both quantitative and qualitative research, offering women and providers themselves the opportunity to weigh in on key issues. I also appreciate their ability to distribute their findings widely through many channels.
  • They have excellent research and dissemination strategies. They are also great at collaborating, organization, and convening. They have a willingness to take on controversial topics, great research, and they have great follow through.