Ibis responds to Texas abortion ban which sets dangerous precedent for reproductive health in America

September 2021

Cambridge, MA, September 1, 2021 – Today, Texas state law (SB 8) banning abortion after six weeks into pregnancy—before many people even know they’re pregnant—goes into effect. The law also includes a “private right of action” that calls on private citizens to bring civil litigation against providers or anyone who helps an individual access an abortion after 6 weeks. Not only is this law unconstitutional—it is cruel, far-reaching, and incredibly dangerous.

Ibis’s research has documented the harms of restrictions on abortion access in Texas and across the United States. The findings of this research have revealed that abortion restrictions not only create substantial barriers to people seeking abortion care, but that states with the most restrictions tend to have fewer policies supporting the health and safety of women, children, and families.

Caitlin Gerdts, PhD, MHS, Vice President of Research for Ibis Reproductive Health released the following statement opposing the law:

“This law flies in the face of evidence about the impact of barriers to abortion access on people’s health and wellbeing, and sets a dangerous precedent for people who need abortions throughout the state of Texas and for reproductive health nationally. Access to abortion services is a normal and important aspect of an individual’s reproductive health. From forcing patients to travel out of state during a pandemic to further stigmatizing and criminalizing abortion, this law is detrimental to public health and safety. It is critical that the Supreme Court intervene and block this law that clearly denies Texans of their constitutional right to an abortion.”