Mexico City public health clinic dedicated to the memory of Ibis founder Charlotte Ellertson

March 2009

March 27, 2009 (MEXICO CITY) – Mexico City’s Ministry of Health dedicated a public health clinic to the memory of Charlotte Ellertson, Ibis’s founder who passed away from breast cancer in 2004. Charlotte was an energetic and innovative researcher in the field of reproductive health, and prior to founding Ibis, she spent four years as the Population Council’s Director of Reproductive Health for Latin America and the Caribbean in Mexico City. In addition to the using her amazing research skills to generate evidence to support changes in policy and health care provision in Mexico, Charlotte loved the country on a personal level. Both her daughters were born in Mexico City and both have Mexican middle names, which will forever serve as treasured reminders of their mother and her time there. The Population Council and the Mexico City Ministry of Health organized a dedication ceremony to honor Charlotte’s vision, leadership, and tireless dedication to improving the lives of women, which helped promote the sexual and reproductive rights of women in Mexico City. As we at Ibis continue Charlotte’s work and add our own passion to hers, we are touched and excited by the news of this dedication.