Bridgit Burns, MPH

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Bridgit joined Ibis in October 2011 and contributes to a variety of social science and clinical research projects, including investigating the potential for over-the-counter access to oral contraceptives, studying access to health care in states that heavily restrict abortion, and exploring the reproductive health needs and experiences of women in the US military. Her primary responsibilities include quantitative and qualitative data analysis and co-writing of manuscripts. Bridgit has worked in a range of public health settings, including the Population Council, the Manchester, New Hampshire Health Department, and the Cornell HIV/AIDS Education Project, and has training and experience in research design, database development, and survey administration. She spent a semester studying public health in South Africa, where she completed an independent study project surveying HIV-positive mothers about their infant feeding practices. Bridgit holds a Master of Public Health in Reproductive and Family Health from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, Health, and Society from Cornell University.

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