Carmela Zuniga, MA

Associate Research Scientist
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Carmela joined Ibis in 2016 and has worked on studies exploring barriers and facilitators to accessing contraception and abortion care. She is particularly interested in documenting the contraceptive and abortion experiences of understudied populations. She is currently involved in research exploring gaps in abortion access in refugee camps, documenting the abortion-seeking experiences of immigrants in the United States, and understanding contraceptive preferences of Black, Latinx, Asian-American, and Indigenous peoples. Prior to joining Ibis, Carmela worked on a variety of projects to protect and promote the health and human rights of individuals and communities in the United States and abroad. This work included investigating human rights violations committed by international corporations and researching the rights of migrant workers and asylum-seekers. Carmela received her Master’s degree in International Affairs with a focus on Human Rights from Columbia University, and a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the University of California, San Diego.

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