Britt Wahlin, MA

Vice President for Development and Public Affairs
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Britt has led Ibis’s fundraising and communications efforts since she joined the organization in 2007 and serves on the Senior Management Team. She is also active in Ibis’s work to move oral contraceptives over the counter, get unsafe abortion on the maternal health agenda, and ensure women are able to access abortion and the full range of contraceptive methods under US health reform. Before Ibis, Britt was a consultant specializing in philanthropy and strategic communications. She spearheaded film-based public awareness campaigns for the nonprofit media organization, Active Voice, on topics ranging from immigration and political asylum to gender equity in science. She has worked with organizations that advance women’s and girls’ rights throughout her career. Previously, she was a program officer at the Women’s Foundation of California, where she made grants to grassroots, women’s and girls’ organizations and directed a program that taught leadership and philanthropy skills to young women. Her writing has been published in AlterNet, RH Reality Check, and ThinkProgress, among other publications. Britt holds a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Thought and Literature and a Master of Arts in Humanities from Stanford University.

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