Women’s opinions on long-acting and permanent methods of birth control

Long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) and sterilization are popular contraceptive methods. However, they have been associated with safety concerns and coercive practices in some populations and access barriers remain among some women who wish to use these methods. We aimed to understand US women’s opinions and experiences related to these methods, including whether the methods’ fraught histories influence use or interest.

We conducted an online survey with 500 US women to better understand their opinions and experiences with the IUD, implant, and sterilization. In our sample, use of LARC was high, as was interest in LARC and sterilization. We found little evidence of concerns about contraceptive coercion; however, misperceptions about these methods’ safety and effectiveness persist, and more research focused on populations with a history of experiencing contraceptive coercion is needed.