October 2023

Experiences with abortion support among All-Options Talkline Callers

Feeling supported and affirmed is a key component of a high-quality abortion experience. People seeking abortion may need or want emotional and informational support throughout their decision-making process, during their abortion experience, and after the abortion. Some find this support from friends, family, communities, and clinical staff, among others. However, not all support needs may be met through these resources. To complement and supplement these resources and address abortion seekers’ unmet needs, abortion support providers, such as abortion doulas and hotline staffers, offer holistic, non-judgmental, person-centered care. Previous studies have shown that abortion support providers are desired and well-received by clients who use their services. However, little is known about the impact of remote abortion support on those who have had abortions. This brief presents findings on the motivations to seek abortion support and experiences with such support through in-depth interviews among people who called the All-Options Talkline before, during, and/or after their abortion for unbiased, free, telephone-based emotional peer counseling for abortion and other pregnancy experiences.