September 2022

Introducing the ACQTool

Ibis Reproductive Health, Ipas, Metrics for Management. Sept 2022.

The Abortion Care Quality Tool (ACQTool) is a unique set of indicators that allow users to assess the quality of abortion services. The indicators are collected via in-person or phone-based client exit interviews, from abortion clients receiving services from facilitybased providers, pharmacies, hotline, or other service providers.

ACQTool survey questions are available in paper form and electronically, and all surveys are available for download in both PDF and Excel formats. Survey questions can be administered alone or integrated into organizations’ existing data collection platforms. Indicator calculation and data analysis of survey responses can then be performed using our Stata statistical software code.

The ACQTool is also available as an XLSForm, which can be uploaded and deployed in your KoBoToolbox account. Survey responses are captured using KoBoToolbox’s platform, which allows for both online and offline data collection. Collected data can then be downloaded and site-level indicators can be calculated and visualized using our custom Excel performance dashboard.

The maximum of 29 indicators can be used routinely to assess all types of providers, making the ACQTool the first ever global standard for measuring the quality of abortion care in low- and middle-income countries.