January 2016

Research brief: Telemedicine provision of medication abortion

Ibis Reproductive Health. Research brief: Telemedicine provision of medication abortion. January 2016.

Medication abortion refers to the use of medications to induce an abortion without using surgical techniques. The regimen used most commonly in the United States involves mifepristone followed by the administration of misoprostol. Medication abortion has been shown to be safe, effective, and acceptable to women and providers. Severe complications are extremely rare, and only 1-5% require an aspiration procedure to complete the abortion. Despite the evidence that advanced practice clinicians can safely provide medication abortions, most states require that a physician dispenses the medication.

Telemedicine is the provision of healthcare at a distance using information and communication technology. It is increasingly being used across medical specialties, with more than half of US hospitals using telemedicine in some way.

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