February 2021

What is pregnancy tissue viewing and why is it client-centered care?

Ibis Reproductive Health. Later Abortion Initiative. What is pregnancy tissue viewing and why is it client-centered care? Issued January 2021.

Summary: Patient-centered pregnancy tissue viewing (PCV) is a client-centered approach to reproductive health care that gives clients the option to view their products of conception after pregnancy termination. Historically, PCV has been offered inconsistently in the United States and therefore it has not been studied deeply; however, the studies that have explored PCV in the United States and Canada found that clients appreciate the option and largely do not feel that it makes their decision more difficult.1,2 Providers report feeling mostly positive about the experience when the pregnancy is in the first trimester, though they report barriers to facilitation including concern and discomfort about showing the client recognizable fetal parts if the pregnancy is at a later gestation,2,3 and a lack of accurate training materials.3 PCV benefits the client, who may have their questions answered and obtain a sense of closure after their abortion, and the provider, who has the chance to practice evidence-based care and strengthen their commitment to providing abortion care.3 Abortion providers who hope to enhance clientcentered care in their practices should consider providing a PCV option to their clients.

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