Building a framework for evaluation and communication in sexual and reproductive health: A collaboration among Ford Foundation grantees in Southern Africa

The Ford Foundation is currently supporting several grantees working on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Their projects comprise a wide range of activities including advocacy, service delivery, training/education, and community mobilization. The grantees’ aims and strategies are: 1) to address the socio-cultural norms underlying SRHR and HIV in order to strengthen the agency of girls and young women and 2) to support opportunities that link SRHR and livelihoods of girls and young women in order to strengthen both their sexual health resilience and their economic independence. Despite similarities in aims, strategies, and target audiences, the SRHR grantees are not currently measuring progress using a common set of SRHR indicators and outcomes. Several grantees have developed their own monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plans; however, a common set of indicators that could facilitate reporting for the SRHR group as a whole has not been formally and collectively defined.

To address these needs, Ibis is developing a program of support and capacity building for monitoring, evaluation, and communication for the SRHR grantees which involves training on M&E and communications, and, through assistance from Ibis staff, development of a common M&E framework and collection of and reporting on group-level data for agreed upon indicators.