October 2002

Evaluation of an EC introduction project in Kenya

Muia E, Blanchard K, Lukhando M, Olenja J, Liambila W. Evaluation of an EC introduction project in Kenya. Contraception. 2002; 66(4):255-260

The Consortium for Emergency Contraception introduced Postinor-2, a progestin-only EC product, into Kenya as part of its work to expand access to EC in developing countries. Introduction activities included registering Postinor-2, training providers, and developing provider and client materials. We surveyed family planning clients and providers to assess the impact of these activities. Knowledge of EC among clients and providers improved between the baseline and evaluation surveys. More women and providers had heard of EC and more providers were distributing it. Support for access to EC in Kenya also improved. The results indicate, though, that further information is needed. Only one-fifth of women at the evaluation had heard of EC and almost half of the women expressed concerns about EC at baseline and evaluation. More research and experience using novel ways of informing women about EC in Africa is needed, and information needs to address women's concerns.