July 2021

It's Time to Free the Pill (a flipbook)

We want a future where everyone has the resources they need to make decisions about their own bodies and lives with dignity. Each of us should have the freedom to determine our own life path, including what our family looks like. Birth control is critical to making this happen.

Four out of five women who have ever had sex have used birth control pills. But there are still too many barriers to access them. In the United States, you need a prescription from a health care provider to get the pill. For most people, this means visiting a clinic every year to refill a prescription. Research shows nearly one in three adult women who have ever tried to get a prescription for birth control have faced obstacles, including things like not having insurance or a regular doctor and challenges getting to a clinic. In some states, pharmacists are able to prescribe the pill and/or health care providers can prescribe it online. But the pill is safe enough to be available without a prescription or gatekeeper.

It’s time we have an FDA-approved over-the-counter (OTC) birth control pill.